Fatima al Fihri was born in Tunisia in 800. At a young age, she moved with her family to Fez, Morocco.  In 859 Fatima founded the world’s first academic degree-granting university existing today, the University of Qarawiyyin, which is considered the oldest university in the world.  The University of Qarawiyyin became the most important cultural and intellectual bridge for Muslim and European cultures. Many of the scholars of Qarawiyyin became great scientists such as Mohammed al Idriss and Ibn Khaldoun. Her name represents sustainability, the women contribution to the knowledge society, a bridge between different cultures through education and a tribute to, now at days, a rather unknown Arabic woman who played a crucial role in the Islamic Golden Age.

The Erasmus Mundus Fatima Al Fihri Programme (EMA2-STRAND 1, LOT 1) is a Partnership between 20 Universities from North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya) and from Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain). The consortium has the support of associated institutions mainly in North Africa such as Ministries of Higher Education, governmental institutions, associations of universities and youth organizations.

This programme is funded by the European Commission and aims to:

  • promote European higher education,
  • to improve and enhance the career prospects of students and to
  • promote intercultural understanding through cooperation with North African countries, in accordance with EU external policy objectives in order to contribute to the sustainable development of North Africa in the field of higher education.

EMA2 Lot 1 Fatima Al Fihri promotional materials

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